Talk Up Taihape Newsletter September 2021

Talk Up Taihape Newsletter September 2021

Talk Up Taihape Newsletter is packed with community, club and event news.
You can find all the important business & services numbers as well.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 our Taihape Spring Fling has had to be postponed until October.  Please read this edition to find out more.

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  1. Gillian Tompsett

    Hi I’m at Victoria University doing a History dissertation on the Ministry of Works. I’m a week away from submission and I have a request please. The case study I’m focusing on is the construction of the Ngauranga Flyovers in Wellington that were built under contract by Mainzeal Civil between 1981-4. I have interviewed the project engineer manager who provided the names of his team. I have all of them except one, who remains a mystery. The only information I have is that he was a brilliant pre-stressed concrete expert and he was known as “Vince from Taihape” because of his unusual Italian name. He previously worked on the Tongariro dams. I would love to give him full credit if anyone can possibly shed light on his last name please. Thank you so much.

    1. TCDT

      Hi Gillian, apologies for the delayed response. We will ask around and get back to you with hopefully a name. There are quite a few people who use to work on the dam here that may know of his last name. I know you have probably already submitted this as this was over a week ago, but it may still be nice for you to have his name anyway if we can find it. Regards


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