For the purpose of this event the following definitions apply to this Agreement:

Stall Holder: means the Stall Holder, the Stall Holder’s assistants, site-sharers, and the site-sharer’s assistants.
Organiser(s): means the event organisers, Taihape Community Development Trust, its volunteers, and staff.
Agreement: means all terms and conditions set out in this Stall Holder Terms and Conditions.

Gumboot Day Festival is open to the public on Saturday 21 March 2020 from 10 am for all Taihape Gumboot Day Family Festival related activities, products, services, demonstrations, etc.

Stall Holders agree to open by 10.00am and not to close before 3.00pm on Saturday 21 March unless previously agreed with the Organisers.


Stall Holders Stands

– The Festival will be held in Memorial Park, Kokako Street, Taihape. (Venue will be confirmed prior to the event.)
– The organiser will arrange general signage and promotion of the event.
– The organiser will arrange for security to be present on the day of the event.
– The organiser will apply for a Group Licence to Trade in a Public Place.
– Sites will be allocated by the organiser according to what products/services are being offered by each site. This gives a good mix of sites and makes it more interesting for the Festival participants. The positioning of the stands will be entirely at the discretion of the organiser, although the organiser will endeavour to meet reasonable requests made by the stall holder.
– Organisers reserve the right to ask any Stall Holder to move, if you do not comply with this rule.
– You are encouraged to decorate/arrange your site so that it’s attractive and appealing to the eye.
– You are responsible for the cleanup and removal of all rubbish and materials from your site – please leave your site as you find it.
– Your site information will be emailed to you in the week prior to the event.
Power will not be available to sites. Stallholders are to provide their own power if required. Food stalls please discuss your requirements with us.

Payment Terms

– Full Payment is required within 14 days of submitting your application form. All payments are due by 10th March 2020.
– All stated prices include GST.
– Registrations after 10th March 2020 will be accepted at the discretion of the organisers only.


– Security will be on site and reserve the right to remove anyone from the Festival without the Organiser’s permission.

Health and Safety

– The organisers assume no responsibility or liability for the care, safety and/or security of the Stall Holder’s space, contents, merchandise or personnel. The cost of reparation for any damage to other exhibits, or the Memorial Park incurred during set-up, the operation of Gumboot Day Family Festival, and take-down will be made good at the Stall Holder’s expense.
– Parking: All Stall Holders must move their vehicles to the designated Stall Holder Parking area by 09.30am – no stall holder vehicles are to be within the Gumboot Day Family Festival area between 10.00am – 3.00pm Saturday 21 March 2020 unless your vehicle is integral to your site.
– Should any eventuality cause cancellation or disruption of the Gumboot Day Family Festival, the organisers shall not be liable for any expenses incurred by the Stall Holder.
– The organisers have the right to cancel this Agreement and/or to remove any product, advertising or site(s) from the Gumboot Day Family Festival, without notice, and to retain any money in relation thereto, and shall not be liable for any resulting losses to the Stall Holder if the following conditions exist:
– if the Stall Holder infringes any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement
– if, in the organiser’s opinion, any product, advertising or site display is not in the best interests of the Taihape Gumboot Day Family Festival or may be a cause of offence or harm to the public.
– if the organisers fail to perform or fulfill any of their contractual obligations caused by any circumstances, including but not limited to, acts of God, fire, flood, war, public/natural disaster, industrial dispute, receivership, liquidation or Government enactment.
– In the event this Agreement is terminated, the Stall Holder must not either during or after termination of this Agreement, communicate to any person any confidential information of the Taihape Gumboot Day Family Festival except in so far as may be necessary to enable the Stall Holder to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement. This clause will not apply to information which has entered the public domain other than as a result of a breach of this clause by the Stall Holder.
– Stall Holders are recommended to arrange accommodation in advance. Go to the Taihape website for more information ( or contact the Taihape Information Centre on (06) 388 0604.
– No vehicle movement other than Emergency Vehicles will be permitted within the public area of the Gumboot Day Family Festival during the opening hours 10.00pm – 3.00pm Saturday 21 March 2020.
– No alcohol for consumption at the event is to be sold from any site at the Gumboot Day Family Festival.

The Taihape ‘Central Business District” and its immediate environs through to and including the Memorial Park are designated as no alcohol areas.



Taihape Community Development Trust (TCDT)

Project & Events Coordinator:

Eva George

Postal address:

PO Box 25, Taihape 4742
Phone: 06 388 1307
Cell: 021 0420303

Accommodation & General Inquiries:

Taihape Information Centre
Tel: 06 388 0604

There are limited camping spaces available on site for those stallholders that prefer to camp. Please enquire with the organisers: