Taihape Town Walk

Walk around Taihape and discover the heritage of the town starting in the 1900’s.

  1. Visit the Town Hall opened in 1912
  2. Visit the Cascade Brewery opened in 1935
  3. Visit the Grand Stand completed in 1924
  4. Visit the Memorial Gates unveiled in 1926
  5. Visit the Masonic Lodge built in 1906
  6. Visit Churches of Saint Margaret’s 1902 and St Mary’s 1954
  7. Visit the Gretna Hotel
  8. Visit The Triangle with the Clock Tower erected 1954
  9. Visit St David’s Church Hall opened in 1914
  10. Visit the Wesleyan Church opened in 1902
  11. Visit the former Post Office which opened in 1907
  12. Visit the King’s (Majestic) Theatre which first screened a film in 1913
  13. Visit the Court House which was built circa 1906
  14. Visit the Railway and Turntable linked with Taihape in 1904
  15. Visit Archilles Corner which commemorates the role of NZ warship HMS Achilles in the Battle of the River Plate.