Rustic Steak House

Want a steak aged to perfection?  At the Rustic Steak House you will get just that.  Choose your steak from the display cabinet, decide how you want it cook and wait for melt in your mouth deliciousness to arrive.  Vegetarian?  Don’t worry you can enjoy a flavorsome meal too.  Check out our menu for more options.  Don’t forget to book a table so you don’t miss out

We are dedicated to sourcing as much produce as we can from our very own Rustic Garden or from local producers.  Ensuring that the food on your plate is the freshest possible.   A big passion of the Rustic Restaurants, besides the fresh food, is protecting New Zealand’s environment and take every possible opportunity to be an Eco-friendly business.  Examples of this can be seen on both the Rustic Eating House and the Rustic Steak House walls where over 60 pallets were recycled.  A portion of  profits are also donated to Forrest &  Birds charity.

​​21 Mataroa Rd, Taihape 4720