River Valley

River Valley is one of just a handful of Adventure Lodges in New Zealand, situated in the wilds of Taihape. Very definitely not a mainstream tourist area!

Who would have known in 1982 that this combination of family, a dramatic river setting, awesome rapids, a stunningly beautiful landscape, and welcoming culture, would lead to the creation of one of New Zealand’s more unique destinations. Within our extended family, we can lay claim to three generations of Rafting and Horse Trekking Guides. Unique amongst adventure operators.

Our focus is on being able to provide you with not only uplifting adventure experiences but experiences that are also fun.  We run one of the best, Grade 5, half day white water rafting trips in the world. For those looking for something less exhilarating, you could enjoy a beautifully cooked country style meal made with produce from our on-site gardens, a glass of wine overlooking the river, an evening horse ride, or a multi-day river trip.

Many of the people who have visited over the years are now part of an extended River Valley family, that now stretches around the world.

So, to those we have not seen for some time, please do not hesitate to share your River Valley experiences, and to those who have never visited, hope to see you soon.

Activities include:

  • Rafting
  • Horse Riding
  • Biking

266 Mangahoata Road, Taihape