River Valley Rafting

We raft regularly on two North Island New Zealand rivers, the Rangitikei – our home river – and the Ngaruroro, just over the range in Hawkes Bay. Between these two rivers we can offer you a variety of trips.

We offer a world-class half-day white water rafting trip with 10 major rapids, as well as plenty of smaller ones, over 11km. Often deemed one of the best half day white water trips in the world (recently deemed one of the top rafting trips on the planet by Red Bull) , and certainly one of the best in New Zealand. Or if you’d like something a little more relaxing we offer scenic adventures, suitable for the whole family where you will be able to soak up the stunning scenery. Or, for the ultimate river adventure, we also offer multi-day wilderness trips on both the headwaters of the Rangitikei and Ngaruroro Rivers.

Whether you’re looking for a short action-packed trip or something more relaxing and discovery focused, River Valley Rafting can provide an unforgettable experience.

266 Mangahoata Road, Taihape