Karen Hughes Naturopath

Providing natural health care and advice regarding wellness programes.

Qualified as a Naturopath 1996
Health consultations include;
• An extensive health history
• Identify and treat the cause of imbalance within the body.
There is always an underlying cause, be it physical, emotional or mental.
• Treat the whole person. All the systems in the body are interrelated.
An understanding of how each system is functioning, gives an overview of individual health, and where best to start an integrative and comprehensive treatment protocol.
• Empower the client to take responsibility for their health, by looking at dietary and lifestyle modifications where necessary.
• Use a combination of herbal formulas, vitamin and mineral supplements
• Can involve Testing for;
Heavy metal toxicity, Allergy’s, Cellular Iodine levels, Neurotransmitter levels, Extensive Cardiovascular and lipid testing
• Stress Management; Relaxation techniques to reduce internal stress.

32 Tui Street, Taihape